Time Hop Music Du Jour (9/23)


Chris Devers Flickr Creative Commons

September 23


1967 “The Letter” by The Box Tops starts a 4 week run at the top of the charts



1969 The Northern Star newspaper, operating out of North Illinois University, published a story claiming that Paul McCartney had died in a car crash 3 years prior and had been replaced by a look alike to cover up the tragedy.  The tale blew up on the media scene and began to circulate on major national news programs.  In late October, McCartney ended the panic by coming out of his recent seclusion to prove he was still alive and well.



1978 10cc’s “Dreadlock Holiday” reaches no. 1 on the UK charts.




1989 Milli Vanilli starts a 2 week run at #1 on the US singles chart with “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You.”  Also, today, their album “Girl You Know It’s True” dominates the US albums chart.




1995 Shaggy’s absurdly fun hit “Boombastic” is at the top of the UK charts





1930 This legendary soul musician was a true visionary in the music field despite living most of his life blind.  Ray Charles was a true pioneer of soul in the 50’s and his upbeat, jazzy tunes still entice us over half a century later.




1949 This best-selling rock artist is still performing and producing music today.  Bruce Springsteen is known for his ability to appeal to the masses while still preserving his artistic integrity, masterfully weaving his political views into his poetic anthems.