A Semester of Storybooks

A collection of students at LCHS reading their top literature picks this semester
A collection of students at LCHS reading their top literature picks this semester

Tis the season to recap this semester’s fall reads. Reading has become a pastime in our society, however, some have continued to pursue the meaning of words written on pages. As summer fades into fall, the changing of seasons somewhat triggers an anticipation for a good book accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee. As school comes into session, many find that reading allows for a sense of comfort and cozy binging. There are a multitude of books to choose from which are intended for different purposes, and full of awaiting narratives and accounts. Freshman Olive Nelson shares her most favored facet of literature.

“I started getting really interested in reading the summer before middle school. I found an incredible book that my friends wanted me to read and I loved it. After that, I became obsessed with reading. My favorite aspect of reading is the escape from reality it allows. I am able to put myself in the character and get lost in reading. A famous quote says that ‘readers live a thousand lives just by reading’ and I feel like that is very true,” Nelson said.

Each individual work has a genre attached to its interior that envelopes the reader into a new reality. These written works are full of exciting chronicles just waiting to be discovered.

“My favorite genre is fantasy, because of how different and unique it is. It allows the author to create entirely different worlds. This makes reading it much more immersive and fun. I attempt to stay open-minded and try the newest books, but sometimes the book will have a certain plot or genre that does not sound interesting. It mainly just depends on the book,” Nelson said.

These experiences are so important as they broaden the reader’s mind and expose them to new ideas and discoveries. Libraries are the home of these written treasures and LCHS’s own media center has become an oasis and hideaway for some. With so many opportunities lined up, searching for the perfect book can become an experience.

“I spend a lot of time looking for books to read. Usually, it’s the cover or title that catches my attention and I look to see the plot of the book. If it sounds interesting enough to read, I will either buy it or check it out at the library. I think libraries are such an important part of school. It allows those who may not have access to a library or bookstore in their area to gain the opportunity to find books. There are so many different aspects of the library that I think would be super helpful if people knew more about it,” Nelson said.

Nelson is right on the dot as she observes the relevance of libraries and their untold fortunes. Reading truly provides many benefits for the mind and can promote improved mental health. Dive into a good book this winter break and open your mind to the possibility of a new story.

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