Prom 2022


Ellie Orr, staff writer

Prom is just around the corner, and with this year’s theme being ‘Once Upon a Time’, students can’t wait to celebrate their special night! One student, Emma Cubberley (11), shares with us her excitement for this night.

“I went to prom last year as a photographer, and I loved the theme. I think last year’s theme was very whimsical, so I am very excited about another whimsical theme,” Cubberley said.

Cubberley also shares what she is most excited about–getting ready with her friends.

“I am looking forward to getting dressed up with all of my best friends,” Cubberley said.

Another student, senior Avery Jameson, lets us in on how he’s feeling about the upcoming event.

“I’m looking forward to the location of prom this year, it is at a very nice spot, and has a lot of options around for post prom fun,” Jameson said.

Jameson also explains that he is looking forward to being able to spend time with all of his friends!

“I feel about the same, I’m excited to have all my friends in one place,” Jameson said.

Another exciting factor about prom for Jameson is that he has been nominated for Prom King! He says that he is thrilled that he is on the list.

“I think it’s cool that people decided to vote for me for prom king,” Jameson said.

In all, this year’s prom is going to be a hit! Students can’t wait to celebrate their special night with all of their friends. We hope to see you there!