Panthers fall to Hawks

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Graduation 2016
May 15, 2015

Tuesday night, the Lenoir City volleyball team took on Hardin Valley at Hardin Valley. The varsity team played best three out of five games. Lenoir City knew it would be a tough game because Hardin Valley is generally a strong team. Starting on the floor was Becca Reed, Tiffany Lynn, Anna Radford, Amberlee Zeller, Karri Jones, and Cassidy Young.

During the first game, Lenoir City lost to Hardin Valley. Kynette Williams, head varsity coach, was disappointed in their lack of movement and communication on the floor. These problems were consistently happening in the other two games. Hardin Valley knew exactly where to put the ball, and their speciality was short balls. Lenoir City can usually pick up on those, but they struggled greatly. Back row passing was another problem that Lenoir City faced. Without passes, the setters were not able to set up the hitters, and without hits, the Panthers could not retaliate with drilling hits.

Lenoir City tried to pick up the energy in the third game, but it was simply too late. Lenoir City did not play to their full potential. The Panthers took on Clinton for their first game and won. Clinton faced Hardin Valley and won, so Lenoir City had the potential to beat Hardin Valley. After the game, the Panthers hung their heads in disappointment and shook the other teams’ hands. Kayla Roe, a junior, said, “I felt disappointed because we knew we could play better than that.”