Graduation 2016

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It’s that time of the year again.  As the end of the school year, seniors are getting more and more excited.  Friends and family members are digging out the checkbooks to send a graduation present.  So much preparation goes into the short, but special, ceremony.  Unless one has been to a graduation, most people do not know what to expect.  Here at Lenoir City, we do things a little differently.


First, the administrators visit each and every senior homeroom.  They talk about graduation expectations.  Guys are expected to wear dress pants and dress shoes, while girls should wear a dress or dress pants.  Students are not allowed to wear boots or flip-flops.  Nothing is allowed on the caps either.  Behavior is also discussed.  “We promote dignified behavior,” said Mrs. Harris, “no yelling, throwing things, spraying silly string, etc, until the end.”


Second, the gym is set up.  The seniors are seated in alphabetical order.  The top five in the class are seated on the first row along with the senior class officers.  Seniors also have to come in beforehand for a practice run-through.  Everything is set up and practiced as if it is the real ceremony.

The ceremony is in the gym.  Since the gym can only hold so many people, there is also a live broadcast in the auditorium.  There is even a bus shuttle from the middle school for extra parking.