What To Do So You Don’t Kill Your Family During Social Distancing

Stephanie Hall, Editor

Due to many cases in the U.S of COVID-19, all students are at home for the next few weeks. And while everyone is a fan of staying home and doing nothing, after two weeks, your once nice, comfy bedroom begins to resemble that of a jail cell. Not to mention, homework is still a thing, except everything is homework. And to top it all off, your family is also home, only leaving if they have essential jobs and to shop.

So the question is, what do you do so that when your finally released from your home jail, you don’t go to actual jail for the murder of your family? Well, there’s actually quite a lot.

1. Start Binging A New Show (or an old show)

Kind of obvious, but there’s lots of great shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime, and every other streaming service. So many new shows to watch and enjoy. Or just do what I do and watch the same four shows on loop. If you want my suggestion, “Gravity Falls”, “Marvelous Mrs Maisel”, “Brooklyn 99”, and “Gilmore Girls” are all great.

2. Watch a Musical and Become Obsessed

Even though Broadway is closed, that shouldn’t stop you from watching some quality musical theatre that might make you cry. While there is bootlegs, I’m not allowed to condone that because it’s illegal. So, you could try BroadwayHD, which has a free trial available. However, my personal favorite thing to do is go on Youtube and watch musicals on there for free. There are plenty of musicals that aren’t on Broadway that you can watch while sitting in bed, maybe eating ice cream. Starkid, TinCanBros, and many others do original shows that are free to watch and absolutely incredible. And if you really want some Broadway, there are community theatre performances of those classic Broadway shows that they post on Youtube. And if you do go the bootleg route, I was never apart of it and am not responsible for any legal issues that arise.

3. Clean Your Room (Or House)

Now the process of cleaning can be pretty difficult to do. Especially when you get distracted and then you just have all your stuff everywhere. But if you do a little at a time and try listening to music while you do it, then you might be able to get it done.

4. Go outside (well, just your yard)

If you live in an apartment, then this may not be useful. But, going outside, even if it’s just your yard, can really help you feel less trapped. Sit on your porch or patio and read. Run around your backyard. Play fetch with your dog. Play fetch with your cat. Climb a tree. If it’s sunny outside, go enjoy it.

5. Paint Your Possessions

Most of us have probably seen those TikToks of people painting objects like calculators, AirPod cases, and other random things. The good news is, you can do this to! Just get some paint, some brushes, and just go to town (with parental permission of course)

6. Write Something. Even if it’s fanfic 

Have you ever wanted to write something? Maybe you have always wanted to pull a S. E. Hinton and be a published author at 18. Maybe you want to write depressing poetry about the current situation of our world. Or maybe you wanna write a newspaper article and have published in your schools newspaper (email Mrs. Wallace at [email protected]). Or maybe, you really like Sherlock and wanna write a WatsonxSherlock fanfiction about them being in love. Whatever your heart desires, write it! It’s not like you have anything else to do.

7. Listen to a Podcast 

Podcasts have become more popular in the age of the internet. You can listen to a podcast about anything from your favorite books (London Review Bookshop) to a story podcast about princes (The Two Princes) to a bad advice podcast (My Brother, My Brother, And Me).Whatever your heart desires, you can find it.

9. Create a Conspiracy Theory And Post It On The Internet

The world is flat? The moon is cheese? Classics like these didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Someone had to think “hey, what if what we think is true isn’t?” and then tell others. You can do the same. Find something you think is weird, such as the fact that there are a ton of MattressFirms everywhere despite the fact that there has never been a huge demand for mattresses. Then think, what if it’s something else, such as maybe MattressFirm is a money laundering business for the mob. Then publish and watch as people agree and tell you that your crazy.

10. Learn To Knit

Your grandma does it. Your weird spinster aunt does it. Now is a great time to practice for your possibly lonely future. Not to mention, you could learn how to knit and make blankets or hats to give to the elderly and those who are in need. Not only could you get a new hobby, you can be of help during these hard times.

11. Find the Cure to COVID-19

I mean, if you have nothing to for weeks and your just happen to have the necessary materials and abilities, you might as well make your time valuable. My only suggestion is that if you go with this idea and do find a cure, don’t be a monster and make it super expensive so that only the rich can be saved. Medical care is expensive enough, don’t make me have to sell an organ to avoid the modern day plague.

12. Read

Before we all went into isolation, everyone was so busy that many people didn’t have the time to read. Now is the time to read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for months. Dust off that that book and crack it open. You can read a physical copy, listen to an audiobook, or read on your electronics. Whatever floats your boat.

13. Document Your Time In Isolation

While we all hope for this to end soon, there is the small possibility that we will be living in the apocalypse. And when we are all dead and the world is destroyed, wouldn’t it be cool if someone in the post-apocalyptic world came across your journal and learned about what Earth use to be like.

14. Color

In recent years, coloring has become very popular for adults. Its a calming activity and can be a lot of fun. Get some color pencils and find something to color. If you want, you can get a coloring app that lets color thousands of different images. You can color whatever you want. Anything from a picture of the beach to your actual hair. The coloring world is your oyster.

15. And Finally…Wash Your Hands