Dudes in Tutus

Comedy for a Cause

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Goodbye LCHS
April 26, 2017

Matt Hamilton

Correa participating in Dudes in Tutus

To raise money for the Battle of the Bridge the male teachers at LCHS agreed to be entered in a dudes in tutus contest.

Students would put money in cones with the face of whichever teacher they choose. The top three teachers would have to wear a pink tutu to school the Tuesday after Battle of the Bridge. The Battle of the Bridge activities were planned by Mrs.Parks. The winners of the dudes in tutus contest were Mr.Huff, Mr.Weeks, and Mr.Correa.

Mr.Correa, who placed third in the contest, said that he participated in the contest because, “it was for a good cause, which is why I was okay with it,” it being wearing a feathered boa and hot pink tutu around the school for the day.  As the day went on Mr.Correa said that the best part of the day was getting to see, “the smile on everybody’s faces.”