How’s The Weather Up There? (Tall Girl- Netflix- Movie Review)

(Spoiler Alert: Tall Girl)

Netflix released a movie about a girl who is 6’2″. She gets made fun of and goes through a lot of self conflict. She meets a guy who is new… you’ll figure out the rest later. This movie is called “Tall Girl.”

“The story is bland and is overdone. When the girl was sitting with her parents eating, the framing was terrible. The end scene was cute,” Gabe Eddinger (9) said.

I’ve heard some people say that they don’t like it. I’ve heard all about the fact that she’s really not tall. They just made her seem tall. With all that aside, I loved it. My emotions were everywhere after watching it. 

“There is no plot; the plot has no conflict. The only way to move the plot forward is plot convenience,” Edgar Tinoco (9) said.

I’m a real addict of Netflix. Name it, I’ve likely watched it. I need to set my own opinions about this. 

At the start, it’s confusing. I don’t know if I should ship Jodi and Dunkleman or Jodi and Stig. I, personally, think Stig isn’t the best looking. You can make your opinion on that. Later on, I start thinking of the relationship of Dunkleman and Liz. Basically, Dunkleman realizes he loves Jodi too much to possibly be with Liz any longer. I started to form my opinion here.

I’m a sucker for romcoms. This one caught me though. I was so confused about where I wanted it to go. When I finally thought I knew, everything flipped. That’s what I love about this movie. It’s not about the fact they made everyone shorter to make sense of the movie. It’s because you kind of don’t see it coming after Liz and Dunkleman start dating. That’s my perfect movie. Trial and error.