Singing Abroad

Alexis Moats

Last spring, the Lenoir City High School’s Singers were invited by Lee University to attend a Mozart festival the following summer in Europe. The singers and their families are now planning a trip to Austria and Prague for this following summer. The singers found out about the trip last spring and have been planning and working furiously ever since. A few other high schools and around twenty of  our school’s Singers will be going on the trip, including the graduated Singers from last year. The choir is planning on keeping their normal routine and practicing together to prepare for this event. The Singers are also practicing at home when they can. They will also be performing a variety of new and old selections at the festival. The Singers are continuing to practice other music as well, so that they know a variety of style music.  To help with the cost, the Singers will be selling coupon books and performing their annual Madrigal dinners. The Singers are excited and eager to go on this trip. ​One Singer, Sally Ford (12), said that she was, “…excited to go, but nervous to sing in such large venues, and “…excited for the experience to see new places and meet new people.”