The Talent Show

Isabella Lockett, Staff Writer

     It’s coming up folks! The student talent show is right around the corner. This year, it will contain a variety of students and talents. It will be held this year on November 3, in our school’s auditorium, during ASB.

     The talent show will consist of: Gibson Collett and Co-skit (Bailey Fritz, Devon Benson, Ashton Hall, and Charlie Finger) “You trying out for the talent show?” Jantsen Hundley’s group performing “Sweet Adeline,” with 6 vocals/two instruments, Morgan Newman, Morgan Varner, and Rachel Sheffer singing “Hills and Valleys,” with 3 vocals/ 2 instruments, Sam Turner performing rap with track, Ameilya Hulsey and Amber Atkins with Jantsen on piano singing “Latch,” Hannah Lawson singing “Stay,” with guitar, Ethan Vincil  singing “Simple Man,” with guitar, Ramiro Gonzalez doing magic tricks, and Isaiah Buckman on harmonica playing “Piano Man,” (Mr. Cross accompanying on piano).  For alternate we have Andrew Hackworth playing “Strawberry,”  on the ukulele.

     This year, as for years in the past, the talent show is definitely something to look forward to. The tickets will cost $3. For many of the students, it is their first time performing in the talent show. This year, Hannah Lawson (12) decided to try out for the talent during her senior year.

     “I have never been in the talent show before; I am singing and playing guitar,” says Lawson.

     Although, Lawson has never been in the talent show before she has been practicing her talent for quite some time.

     “I have been playing guitar for 6 years,” says Lawson.

     With acts like Hannah Lawson and all the other amazing talents, this year’s talent show is definitely something to check out.