Why Do We Need to Celebrate International Women’s Day?

Why Do We Need to Celebrate International Women’s Day?

Lupita Castillo, Staff

International Women’s Day started in the early 1900’s. It is a day that the whole world comes together as one whole and celebrate what women have achieved; whether it be political, social, or even artistic. In more than 25 countries it is considered an official holiday.

All over the world today on this day there are many different events that are going on. Women’s March in Washington D.C. also launched a new campaign called “A Day Without Women” and encouraging women to not go to work today. This will show how women protest against the equality they do not show at their workplace.

We mainly focus on this day to celebrate all of women’s achievements. We encourage to pass new laws or to give more power to the laws that are already in action. 1 out 3 women has gotten hurt physically or sexually assaulted by a man. Women to this day still do not get paid as much as men. All over the world more women decide to go to a university than men, and women still have a hard time finding a job in their career field.

“I think that today is a very important not for me as a woman but also for all the women around the world,” said Lesli Nolazco (11).

There have been so many important women figures all over the world that will always be remembered. For example, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Then you have someone like Rosa Parks A.K.A. “the First Lady of Civil Rights”. She decided to sit in the front of the bus during the time that everything was segregated and that was not allowed, so she got arrested. And finally, you have someone else like Frida Kahlo from Mexico. She was a Mexican artist that made self portraits and paintings of things she was going through, her story and everything she had to go through is what makes us look at her as someone we admire today.

There have been many women that fought for our rights as women, and the fight has not ended yet. That is why it is so important that we celebrate today.