Hidden fame

The groundskeeper of our baseball field has an interesting past

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February 14, 2015
Hidden fame

Living in a small town like Lenoir City, it is not unexpected to be surrounded by many people who enjoy helping out their city. Luckily, we are flooded with LC citizens who care so much about our town as well as our schools. One example is the groundsmaster of LCHS baseball field who volunteers the majority of his time to keep our field looking as nice as it possibly can.


Jerry Wilkerson, a native of Lenoir City and a graduate of LCHS in 1971, once maintained the Braves field and now has come back home to make our field look as nice and professional as theirs.


“I treat this field as just as high of a standard as I did the Braves… I want it to look just as good as their field if not better,” said Jerry.


Not only has Jerry worked tremendously hard to maintain the baseball field but he has also connected with the students on our baseball team.


One student, Logan Cano (12) has built a close relationship with Jerry and helps him on the field as much as he can.


“I help him fix all the pitching mounds here. I also help him paint lines on the field and rake cutouts,” says Logan.

Logan also believes Jerry is a very strong and smart man. Jerry has been through many surgeries but still continues to make the baseball field look as professional as possible. The baseball team, coaches and the community have nothing but good things to say about Jerry.