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Hidden fame
May 4, 2015

Bullying is nothing new, and you’ve probably noticed that the people that take part in bullying others aren’t either. Bullies are usually repeat offenders which means if you see someone bullying, there are probably more that they are attacking with their inhumane behavior. With that being known, why do we let the opinions of these insecure human beings bother us so much?

Anywhere in life that you go there will always be someone or more than one person who will try to make you feel like you aren’t good enough, like you don’t deserve what you have, or that you are close to nothing in this world. These are the type of people who have put themselves so far up above everyone that they actually think it’s okay to put people down because they have this idea that the opinion of one person actually matters. Why do we let the opinion of one person matter so much?

Everyone has been a victim and a participant of bullying. Think about the last time you bullied someone. Why did you bully them? You most likely didn’t like them and bullying them actually made you feel more content with yourself. It sounds messed up, right? Bullies are so insecure with themselves that they act like they are better than someone by putting them down. It has nothing to do with who the person is. Bullies go for people they get the most reaction out of. Even if you react by standing up for yourself, they get satisfaction from it because that shows it affected you enough that you felt like you needed to speak out about it. Instead of retaliating to a bully and thinking of clever comebacks that get a reaction from people witnessing, try not acknowledge the bully and being kind in the future. It shows you were not affected.

Although bullying is often intentional and only for the bullies gain, bullies do not always do it for themselves. According to BullyingStatistics.org, family issues, social issues and institutional causes are all possible reason to why a bully would feel the need to treat someone cruelly. If a child is not treated well or shown love in their household or if they are not disciplined they are more likely to bully. Social issues are another cause. In our society, when someone acts in a negative way they are given more attention than if they acted in a positive way.  Institutional issues mean that if standards for the way you treat people are not high then it becomes normal for the violent and cruel behavior and the bully starts to not realize that they are behaving in such a way. Next time you are bullied, remember you don’t know what that person is going through and even though they have a tough life it doesn’t excuse their behavior. Be kind to them regardless because it shows you are a strong person and it might make the bully feel peaceful if you are the only kind person to them and it could change their outlook.

If you are being bullied and it affects you dramatically to the point you are considering taking your own life, or if you are going through any situation that makes you feel unwanted and suicidal please contact 1(800) 273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).  No one deserves to be pushed to the point where they feel like suicide is their only option.