What’s that smell?

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March 30, 2015


The awful smell upstairs lingers and finds its way to every square inch upstairs hallway. There has been obvious complaints about the smell and if the bad smell could be dangerous.

But there are not many people who know what the strange smell actually is.

So you may be asking, “Well, am I going to die, or was smelling that all day O.K?”


The smell in the hallways was actually two different things. The more strong and bad smell was a chemical put on the floor to act as a stain and clear coat. Concrete stain takes time to dry and linger for the smell to wear down. The chemicals in the stain are released into the air through  different processes such as evaporation. which is why sometimes its harder to smell something thats cold than if it was hot. And the other smell was glue being applied to the wall to prepare the wall for sheetrock walls.

Some people walking past room 217 smell the chemicals and cringe their nose, while others think it may possibly be dangerous.


But is the smell really dangerous to us?


“Not that I know of. I don’t think they would allow people up here if it was dangerous,”

said Grant Sitzler, or “Bill”, a custodian here at Lenoir City High School

But this being a high school, and students being in charge of the project, it’s possible that the smell was not meant to leak into the entire school.


The windows are opened, but are not helping, the door is wide open, and the smell is lasting for a long time. These were some of the complaints of students passing by..


Concrete stain is not dangerous to breath in in moderation, like smelling it through the hallways,

but purposeful breathing in should never be considered and in large amounts, is obviously dangerous.

So you dont have to worry too much about the smell, but what really matters is how bad it smells. Like Jake Curtis said: “Sure does smell bad, doesn’t it?”