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Journalism is seeking fresh, young individuals to liven up the school’s staff

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May 10, 2016

Kiyah Moore

The 2014-2015 yearbook staff poses for a selfie.

Big decisions are coming up for the students returning for the 2015-2016 school year here at LCHS. With new schedule changes, students have many more options when it comes to arranging what their year will look like.


Some students may be questioning how to fill the extra two spaces they were given, and I am here to pitch an idea for all the lost underclassmen: take Journalism.


Do you like writing? Do you work well under stress? Do you enjoy interviewing people?  Do you like moonpie jokes and photography?


Then Journalism could be your class.


Journalism is open to all students grades 10-12.


I was first approached with joining Journalism by Ms. Chrystal Wallace. At first, I was confused as to why she wanted me, Kiyah Moore, to join a class I’d barely ever considered. Journalism is nice and all, but it didn’t exactly tickle my fancy when I looked at it on the class sign up sheet.


She persisted, and, to my surprise, I found myself down in guidance changing my schedule.


Naturally, I stressed all night because of this change, and on the first day, I didn’t know WHAT to think.


The first few days were basis building days. We all got to know each other; we all learned the rules; signed the Journalism contract; and made tiny plans for something we would later find to be a BIG DEAL.


As the week progressed, I found myself being the co-editor of the LCHS Panther Press–which also was, as of this year, published online.


I will admit, it was stressful. I didn’t always know what comma went where, or how a paragraph SHOULD flow, or why I couldn’t just rip images off the internet (whoopsie for the times I did). But all in all, I began to love coming in and doing a job that was specifically mine.


Journalism is a unique class. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a class quite like it. It’s mostly individual tasks that make up a group product–which I like. Not only do I get my fill of being able to use my creativity, writing skills, and working alone, I also get to work with amazing people with great ideas.


I’m not going to lie. Journalism is a class where you actually have to do work (so shocking, am I right? The Journalism days of yore where students binge watched YouTube and slept are far gone. This elective is one where you work or walk. And really, I think all classes should be that way). No, my friends, Journalism is a powerhouse of work.


You might be groaning, which is okay because nobody really likes the word work. But this work is different.


This work is FUN.


It’s especially fun if you enjoy writing, designing, photography, and investigating.


I like Journalism because everyone has a specific job that they KNOW they are supposed to do. I never have to guess what I’m doing, and I never get bored. I always have things to do.


But in its entirety, I think the most pivotal charm of Journalism is the fact that there are no boundaries. There is no maximum. There’s only the suggested minimum.


Journalism has taught me so much as a person and a student. Its changed my work ethic and my people skills. It’s helped me learn how to work in teams better as well–which if you haven’t learned by now, is a key skill to the “real world”.


I love knowing that I am producing something that people are reading. I am doing something for all to see, and by George, that makes me feel pretty special.


So to all of you considering this class, all I can say is one thing: when you get up there on that stage with the yearbook cover projected where all to see and students are oohing and ahhing, it’s really cool.

It’s all worth it.