A STEM event


Kiyah Moore, Editor LC Panther Press

When it come to LC, there’s a diverse field of study. English, art–even construction. However, there is is a strong passion for science, technology, engineering, and math–aka STEM. With all passion comes a desire to spread knowledge. Thatś why some LC alumni returned to showcase the fun of STEM in different stations which were open to the public (yes there was an oobleck pit; yes I got covered in the cornstarch and water mixture up to my elbows; yes, my mother was angry about the white residue on her steering wheel).


Trevor Good (11), a STEM student since his freshman year, participated in the STEM for Greatness event, put together by Diane Garcia (former LC alumni and prom queen). Ï got to talk to college engineering students and I got to see and participate in some cool demonstrations,¨ said Good.


Good participated in said oobleck pit–even running over the top of it to prove a point of science. ¨The cornstarch acts as a polymer that displaces the surface weight when you move fast enough across it,”he explained. For some of us non-science people, that could go straight over our heads. Out of pure curiosity (and a little coercing from one of the UT associates), I punched the oobleck as hard as I possibly could and observed that my hand did not in fact go in, but became wrapped in the impossible-to-Germx-off-your-hands science goo.


Despite the fact that there was indeed LC high school students there, there were also middle schoolers there to witness the science fun as well. Through opening the event to a wider age range and especially to incoming high school students, the STEM program hopes to attract more students to their program.
Whether science is your jam or not, itś always a good idea to try something new. You just might find that science can be more fun than you thought.