Halt in pizza deliveries

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On Friday,  Mr. Orr sent out an email to the staff and faculty of LCHS informing students that they are not permitted to order pizzas and have them delivered to the school. Orr explained that the reason for this email was, “…because there have been pizza delivery guys showing up at the office frequently looking for a certain student and it’s almost impossible to just go find that certain student so pizzas are being turned away and in return are being wasted.”


The rules have always been that students can neither leave school nor order delivery during lunch but this year there has been a rise in rebellion as students have been ordering pizzas from Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Jets, etc. When asked how this will affect how teachers can have parties for their classes he said, “What will more than likely happen is pizza companies may not be able to deliver here anymore because the food is being wasted since the students are not paying.”

As of now, there can still be parties held by faculty and staff members for their students but the ordering process may be a little different, “My point in saying that it only needs to be done by faculty or staff is because they need to make a point to state that they are an employee here not a student. This way the companies can know that it is a legitimate order. ” In other words: boys and girls, quit disobeying the rules before you ruin pizza parties for the entire school,” says Orr.