Toyota Review

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Toyota, a company that has taken America by storm, they are different from most companies and they are some of the best cars. Now don’t just take my word for it, because my family and I are Toyota freaks. We have owned over 13 Toyotas in under 40 years. So let’s get the facts, history and customer feedback on this brand.

Toyota started in 1886 as a loom maker. In 1936 they made their first car, the AA. Over the years the Japanese only company made three other models. On October 31, 1957, the first dealership opened it doors with two models, the Land Cruiser and the Crown. Now it may surprise you that the “drive American only” massive car loving Americans did not like the small car maker. Toyota wasn’t getting sales, and then 1964 came with it a savior, the Corolla. The Americans loved the gas saving, small, fun car, and with the gas crisis of the 1970’s came about, Toyota’s quality and has economy saved American cars. American car manufacturers saw their popularity and decided to make their cars with the same quality. In the late 1980’s Toyota can out with a car that almost every family in America has had, the Camry. Toyota’s popularity soared and in 1997 as a new gas crisis was starting Toyota made a revolutionary and often called their worst car ever, the Prius. Now Toyota is one of the biggest car makers in the United States and their were three of their cars on the Top 10 Most American Cars. Now they are making two new cars, the Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell car, and the FT1, a remake of the legendary Supra from the 80’s,90’s, and early 2000’s.

I have driven Toyota from 1996 to 2012. I’ve driven Camrys, Avalons, Tundras, and  Highlanders. The car I was brought home in was a Toyota, and we still have it after 16 years!!! I believe them to be the greatest cars ever, but many people feel that they have some problems. First, there is Scion. Scion is nothing but rebadged Toyotas from Europe and Japan. People think they are terrible, but are they really? If they are just rebadged Toyota’s, then they have the same quality and standard as a Toyota, they just look really weird. Another problem is the popular Prius. Most car guys see them as a ugly, stupid, and useless car. Over the years however, they have gotten better styling wise, and they are not as useless as they are said to be, getting up to 35-55 mpg. But I just can’t say they’re good. The reason is because they hurt the environment more than they help it. By the time it is completed, the battery acid, battery components, and Eco Saving parts have been transported from several different countries on boats that waste harm the environment.

But dissipate all that, Toyota has a wonderful reputation. If you want an old Toyota, it’s going to be hard, because everyone that bought them new most likely has them, because they are still running. Mr. Fallis had a 1975 Corona and a 1983 Supra. “They make great card but the quality of domestic cars and Toyota was greater back then, but now they are about the same,” said Fallis. So to conclude, if you are looking for a reliable, fun, and safe cars for not a lot of money, get a Toyota–you’ll have it forever.