Fast and Furious 7

Furious franchise closes with memorable highlights

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The Fast and Furious franchise has been one of the biggest movie franchises in cinema history.


The latest film, Furious 7, premiered April 3, and is the last Fast and Furious movie. I saw the movie two days after it premiered, and can say it was the greatest Fast and Furious movie made.


This one was different for another reason; the main star, Paul Walker, perished tragically during a charity event. So, how did Furious 7 make it?




Furious 7 takes place not long after Fast 6. The brother of Owen Shaw, Deckard, played by Jason Statham, wants revenge for the disfigurement of his brother by the Toretto team.


Meanwhile, Dom Toretto, or Vin Diesel, takes Letty Ortis, or Michelle Rodriguez, to Race Wars to try and curse her amnesia. Shaw decides to takes out Agent Hobbs, or Dwayne Johnson, and kills Han Seoul, or Sung Kang, and sends a bomb to the Toretto house, trying to kill Dom Brian O’Connor, or Paul Walker, Mia Toretto, or Jordana Brewster, and Jack O’Connor, Mia and Brian’s son.


The team then leaves their normal lives that they tried to get back to after London, and get back at Shaw. They then partner with the DSS and take down a terrorist group, rescuing a hacker named Ramsey, or Nathalie Emmanuel, with the help of Tej Parker, or Ludacris, and Roman Pearce, or Tyrese Gibson. They then go to Abu Dhabi to find Ramsey’s hacker program, God’s Eye, that can find anyone, anytime.


They break into a billionaire’s party, and try to take his 3.4 million dollar W Motors Lykan Hypersport, which has the program, and drive it through three skyscrapers (yeah, that happened, but the got the program). They then go back to L.A. and fight both the terrorist organization , and Shaw. Shaw and the organization is taken down, the program, which was stolen back by the terrorist organization, is destroyed by Ramsey and the world and Toretto family is saved, plus as a bonus, Letty gets her memory back, and relieves that her and Dom are married.


The ending was completely rewritten after Paul’s death. In order to finish the last 25% of the movie, they used his brothers, and another actor. Rumor has it that Paul Walker had his body scanned into a computer program that can project his body onto another actor. This has been done before with other actors that have died before a project was finish. They also took scenes from his other movies, so the program can recreate his facial expressions, so we know it was Paul. The ending was a tribute to Paul. They recreated the scene from the first Fast and Furious on a beach, and had everyone saying goodbye, and Dom and Brian drive together in Dom’s 1970 Dodge Challenger, and Brian’s 1993 Toyota Supra (Paul’s personal car), just like the first movie. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth wrote the tribute song, “See You Again” and Vin Diesel gave a speech, and they showed scenes from all of the Fast and Furious movies with Paul in them. The movie ends with the cars splitting and Paul disappearing into the distance. I feel it was the best tribute to any actor I have seen.

The movie was the best way to end the series, and is worth the see. The movie has an amazing plot, a theme of love and family is everything, and a first class cast. I feel that even if you are not a car guy, you need to see this movie, and trust me, you will leave crying.