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Hidden fame
May 4, 2015

Alleged American ISIS commander, Abu Muhammad Al-Amriki, who claims to be an American and have lived in America for 10 years before joining ISIS as a popular, high ranked figure has been killed according jihadis, which is a group mainly associated with Islam and Muslims. This means struggling for improvement and willing to fight to defend one’s self and homeland. He has reportedly been killed at Kobani in Syria, and authorities claim he was killed in clashes in town. According to NBC News, there is currently no evidence of the death of the ISIS leaders body proving if this is an actual death or just another rumor of the death. In the past, Abu Muhammad Al-Amriki has been said to have been killed and rumors of his death were quite popular. Since 2011, he has been reported to have been killed at least once every year up to now.

Abu Muhammad Al-Amriki had claimed to be an American, but there is a video where the high ranked figure is speaking in English but has a thick accent. Many reporters say there is a possibility he could have just lived in America for a short amount of time but was most likely not born here or lived here for a vast majority of his life.

In even more recent news, ISIS captured a Jordanian pilot and posted a video of the pilot being burned alive inside of a cage. Lt. Muath al Kasasbeh was forced to eject from his aircraft which led to the his capturing. The video was uploaded by the al-Furqan Media Foundation. A few weeks ago, a Japanese journalist was beheaded by ISIS and there was a video that was uploaded by the al-Furqan Media Foundation as well