Schedule Change Next Semester

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Goodbye LCHS
April 26, 2017

There is a possibility that starting in August of 2015 Lenoir City High School will change from a four to a five block schedule.  After consulting with other schools who have made this change and talking with the guidance counselors,  Mr. Orr has approached Dr.Barker and the School Board about making the change. There are a few reasons why the school might change to a five block schedule.  With the schedule change, the school administrators hope to offer more yearlong classes. The yearlong classes could include Math and English classes as well as a few elective classes.  There is also the possibility of more AP classes being offered, but it is too soon to have a definite schedule yet. The administrators hope that the availability of more classes as well as  give students a more personal experience that will boost test scores.

If this new schedule is approved then there will be several changes that students and teachers alike will have to adjust to. For example the breaks in between classes will be cut shorter allowing for five seventy minute classes.  Some students have concerns about their focuses and dual credit however the new schedule should not affect these things.

This new schedule should help students stay more focused, increase test scores and give more instruction time to students.