Word Trend: Squads

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Senior Goodbye
April 25, 2017

New trends are happening all the time. New fashion styles, books that are being read, and new words being used. When the trend of the word bae came around everything became bae from Taco Bell to a person’s partner. A new word trend that has came about is squad. Which is a group of people that hang out together all the time.

With the idea of people in squads, that means that there are some in the school. Some of the squad at the school can range from people that just hang out all the time to an after school club. Senior Colton Toney said, “ I would consider the guitar club my squad.” Tony thinks that because they always hang out together and play guitar. Like most groups they have leaders. “I think that the leader of our squad would either be Philip Perkey or Nick Price,” said Toney. What would make friends a squad? According to Tony, he says that what makes his friends a squad is that they just hang out together. His squad has a lot in common because they are a club.

Another type of squad is a group of friends. Freshman Jimmy Mcfalls has his squad of friends. “My squad is full of weird random people,” said Mcfalls. Those type of people make the best friends to him. Like normal hanging out with your friends, Mcfalls hangs out with his squad very often. They do things like play video games very often. Even like a club squad they could have a leader. Mcfalls like think that it’s himself. What makes them a squad is the time they spend together and things that they do.

A squad is a more organized group of friends. They seem to hang out more often. As it seems these squads really only hang out with the people in them. They could branch out to other squads, but then these people would just be friends. New word trends could have a very big meanings.