Tech Reliance

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Cell Phones are becoming the symbol for the twenty-first century. Practically every student here at LCHS has a cellphone that holds special place in their hearts.

“[Cell Phones] affect my daily routine because between classes I usually text or check Facebook,” said Sophomore Tyler Johnson. But what is this intense love for technology doing to these young minds?

Cell Phones, or even technology itself, takes more control of our lives the more it starts to advance. We start to lose grip of reality and self reliance the more we use technology for aid in our daily routine.

Everywhere we go, we use technology to help us in tasks whether intricate or simple and we take it for granted.

Ever since the invention of the television was revealed by Philo Farnsworth in 1938, Americans young and old have become more and more nonphysical.

Even more so as we are given technology that can complete simple tasks we usually partake on our own such as making food.

Cooking has become more of a rarity with the introduction of so many fast food restaurants and microwavable meals. Not only does it affect an average American’s routine, but it greatly affects the average American’s health.

In the 1950’s America was about 9.7% clinically obese, and today America is almost at the 40% mark obesity rate.

Has technology gone too far?

Have we seen just the beginning of America’s weight gain?

Predictions can be made, but no one’s really sure what will happen in the future.

Let’s all just hope that it is a healthy future.