Christmas in Spain

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Graduation 2016
May 15, 2015
Christmas in Spain

There are different Christmas traditions all over the world. In Spain the traditions are very unique.  The Christmas season officially begins on December 8th and is celebrated with a dance called “Los Seises” which means “the dance of six” in English.  However, the dance is performed by 10 boys, not 6.  The boys are costumed in very unique outfits. Christmas Eve, after the stars come out, the Spanish people light small oil lamps in each household. The families gather together for a feast and share the traditional sweet-treat called a turron which is an almond candy. After dinner, the special Christmas dance, the Jota, is performed in the streets.


Homes generally have a manger figurine set. Before Christmas, families will gather around these Nativity scenes and sing.


On December 28th, they celebrate Feast of the Holy Innocents, which is where the young boys create bonfires. One boy pretends to be the mayor and forces civilians to do chores. If they refuse, they are charged a fine that will later be used for compensation of the celebration.


Spanish Children believe that the Three Wise Men leave presents. The Wise Men usually appear on January 6, the date it is believed that they appeared to Jesus.  Shoes are filled with various grains for the camels carrying the wise men. The next morning when the children wake up, they find presents in place of the camel food.