Christmas Carol Creep

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September 15, 2014

Christmas music beginning at the end of October and ending days after Christmas on the radios has to be stopped! Radio stations galore find the dignity to play their Christmas tracks for months in a row,thus creating a euphoric sense of annoyance within their listeners. Every year it is dreaded. Before you can move through Halloween, stores are rolling out their many upon many displays, rows, and aisles of Christmas decorations and toys. Personally, I begin to get fed up with the music by the second week of November, and therefore I feel like the Christmas music could be held off until the first day of December at the earliest. Just because you play the music, doesn’t mean that Old Saint Nick will come any sooner. The music wouldn’t be as berating if it wasn’t the same five or six songs being on replay throughout each and every radio station during the Winter Holiday season. I love Christmas; I mean, who doesn’t? I just think that the holiday would be far more exciting and pleasurable if people didn’t begin to celebrate it a month, or more, before.