Pop-Up Pregnancy

Come September 8th, 2014, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) announced her second pregnancy. At only eight weeks along, both the Duchess and Duke are supremely happy with this news. They were opting not to announce it to the press until Kate was around twelve weeks along, but it was soon realized that when she would be absent from several events her husband was attending, people would begin to wonder.

When you’re the wife of a Duke, in the United Kingdom, it’s compulsory that you attend and accompany your husband to each event. With this being said, if Kate never announced her pregnancy before the tour William, she would have faced many consequences. The couple faced a tough decision with whether or not to tell the British press which ultimately led to their announcement of their newest bundle of joy, early. Though, as you may have assumed, both Kate and William shared the news with their families first, and then made their way to the press. Several times Kate was asked about why she wouldn’t be accompanying William on his upcoming trips and she regarded it to being because of her severe morning sickness.

During a pregnancy, and especially during the first few months, the mother is likely to encounter the unfortunate side effect of morning sickness. This is something she is familiar with as her first pregnancy was also filled with severe morning sickness. The Duchess suffers from an illness called: hyperemesis gravidarum, which is an acute form of morning sickness where it occurs daily and usually for more than just the morning. This is the sickness that is causing Kate to miss out on accompanying her husband to many upon many sanctioned events. Hopefully this little one won’t put the Duchess in much distress, and a smooth pregnancy it will be.

As the second son/daughter of the Duke and Duchess, when the child comes of age, his or her mother and father will bestow upon a title in honor of their Royalty. This is not like it is when you are a firstborn, the firstborn traditionally is given, by birthright, the title of ‘Prince’ or the title that is next in lineage. As this child grows and grows it will become known to the public his or her official title, and who knows, maybe they will determine the stature at birth. That’s just something we will have to watch and see!