The Library

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The library, an informational heaven, with books to read and computers to write, it’s one of the major benefits of being a highschool student.

The library is a place you can go and quietly relax. Read a book, listen to music or sleep in a chair. As long as you are not skipping or ditching a class, there is no punishment for it.

Books in the library are listed in order, and by going to the school website, then library, then online catalog, you can search for a certain book to look for one that you may like. It’s easy to become sidetracked while looking for the book you want, because your eyes happen to turn to another book that may also look great.

The library is also where you can do research, write an essay, finish a presentation, study, or even brainstorm for an article about the library! One way to become familiar with the library is to visit before or after school. As the library does not open until 7:30, and it closes at 4:30, and you can also come during lunch, after you eat (it is not recommended you skip lunch to read!).

When making a trip to the library, make sure to get permission if going during class, and ALWAYS sign in during school hours. Countless students have taken the library as an opportunity to run from teachers and disguise themselves as an innocent library-goer, but remember, your CRIME will always catch up to you.

When checking out a book, you usually have a standard two weeks to turn it in (14 days), and if you don’t turn it in on time, it’s about 15 cents per day that its late, and you don’t want to have to pay 15 cents when you could easily re check it out if you want.

Remember, the library is not a right, but a privilege. So always remember to treat the equipment with care, and always do the responsible thing. When it comes to a needy high schooler, a school equipped with the latest material is best, and the library certainly is the best.