On to the Next


Serena Nguyen, Art Director/Staff Writer

Four years to one week. The familiarity of this big building is going to change. I tell myself change is good, and that the memories I have made in this forsaken building will forever be with me. My high school experience was not “normal” to say the least, but the impact the teachers, students, and environment made on me has helped me become the best version of myself.

Due to my freshman year getting cut off by the pandemic, I did not think I could be involved in the school at all. I was not in any sports or academic clubs, and I did not have a good academic and social balance in my life. However, once my sophomore year hit after the pandemic, I made it my mission to be as involved as I possibly could. I joined many academic clubs and made one of the most impactful choices of my high school career⸺that I did not know would be as important at the time⸺to join digital arts.

Mrs. Wallace decided to pull me into Journalism in my junior year and I was able to network with many different people. I developed life-long friendships and talked to many different people for the yearbook. Being involved in the school got me really close to many teachers that I could always rely on. I am so thankful for all the teachers.

I also want to thank the students for the many memories from football games, basketball events, and pep rallies. It was amazing to be a part of such a dedicated and hyped student nation. Our senior class was a force to be reckoned with; we pulled through with dress-up days and kept the pep rally alive. I will miss this feeling, but change is necessary for growth, and I am ready.

So, thank you LCHS! It was a fun ride. And UTK, here I come. You better be ready!