Life Under Stage Lights!

On April 18th, 2023, the LCHS band held a breathtaking concert in the high school auditorium featuring “Leetonia”, “Ave Maria”, “His Honor”, “Hymnsong”, and “Beyond the Summit”. The band worked diligently all semester to tie together a well-earned masterpiece. Family and friends filled the seats to witness their hard work. 

The posse of quartets played approximately 3-5 minutes each. Here are some words from Lauren Kennedy (11) expressing her feelings while playing her trombone quartet.

“I was a little nervous because I was the first one playing, but after it started I wasn’t nervous. I definitely could have played more stylistically, but other than that, I thought it was good,” Kennedy said.

Despite the audience being packed with their cameras out, the team persevered through their stage jitters and pulled off a splendid concert. The saxophonist Avery Cannon (11) performed throughout the show and participated in a saxophone quartet. Cannon confidently states that she and her fellow band members pulled off a great show. 

I think I played well, and I believe our band performed very well too. I don’t think there was anything that I, as an individual, could have fixed. Nonetheless, I think that the pieces we performed were fantastic. We’ve come a long way as a group, and I believe our last concert really showed that,” Cannon said.

The music showcased consisted of upbeat and fast-paced tunes. The audience remained entertained and gave a standing ovation to each song, though others might have an opposing opinion for which song they favored.

Nathaniel Caldwell (11) stood tall as he played his saxophone during the concert. Caldwell shared which songs he favored most from the show.

[My favorites were] the saxophone quartet and Beyond the Summit because they were both challenging and fun at the same time,” Caldwell said.

The concert left loved ones with a happy ending to their day, as well as memories to look back on. Congratulations to Mr. Slimp and his assistant for conducting such beautiful pieces of music, and to all the students who performed them. It was indeed a night to remember. We all appreciate the effort the band has put into each musical composition.