Dollywood’s Newest Expansion


Pierson Layer, Staff Writer

Dollywood is known for its iconic and exhilarating rides, and during this year’s spring season, they are going to add the largest park expansion in Dollywood history to their newest section, Wildwood Grove. This ride is called Big Bear Mountain. It is 3,990ft of track (making it the longest in the park) and will also have cool features such as on board audio, music, and words from announcer Ned Oakley. Big Bear Mountain will make a wonderful addition for the park’s annual grand opening.

Talk of a new ride has students excited to test it out and has them considering which of the current counsters they enjoy the most.

Gauge Green (12) has ridden nearly all of Dollywood’s rides and shares his personal favorites.

“My favorite ride is the Wild Eagle at night time because you plummet into the darkness and you can’t see anything below you,” Green said.

Green likes more of the wild and fast rides to get his heart racing despite his fears.

“Dollywood gets me out of my comfort zones, and it really helps me overcome my huge fear of heights,” Green said.

This new ride will attract people for Dollywood’s opening on March 10th, and it’s get people excited for this new era of rides.

“This ride has got me excited for the future of Dollywood rides, and I can’t wait to ride them,” Green said.

Dollywood has continued its Wildwood Grove expansion and will continue to bring people in for its amazing rides!