Homecoming Court 2014

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April 25, 2017

Casey White

The homecoming court of 2014

Being on homecoming court is the dream of many girls. This year the court has changed. With a tie for the tenth spot, eleven girls were placed on the court.

One of the girls on the court is Elizabeth Young. She is going to escorted by Brandon Hunt. Young is a second generation homecoming nominee; her mother was on the court in high schools. Even though her mom was on the court she never thought about being on it, but she is excited and honored to be nominated.

Another girl in the court is Breanna Baker, escorted by Jacob Loper. Bowman is a first generation nominee. She was shocked to have been nominated and wasn’t sure if she would get on the court because of all of the other girls. “If I won homecoming [queen] it would mean a lot to me because of my story…” said Bowman. She wants girls to know that if she wins that you do not have to be picture perfect to win.

Haley Morris, escorted by Zach Howell, is also a first generation nominee. Morris was excited to be nominated. “The idea of being on homecoming has always been exciting…” said Howell. She said that it’s awesome to be on the court, and that it would be an honor to win.

Mattie Humphreys is going to be escorted by Wes Hutton. She also had other family members on the court, but her family is a little different. Humphreys’s grandmother and mother were on the court. This legacy has been passed down to her. Humphreys said that it is a great feeling to be nominated. She has wanted to be on the court since she was a freshman, and she would feel very honored if she won queen.

Havyn Adams, escorted by Jordan Herron, is also a third generation nominee. Adams was surprised to be nominated and feels like it was an honor.

Being escorted by Travis Tomel is Sarah Hurt. Both her her mom and aunt were on the court. Hurt said it was awesome to be nominated,and she does not care if wins or loses Hurt is just happy to be on the court.

Sydney Bailey, escorted by Garrett Cheatham, follows in her mom and sister’s footsteps of being in the homecoming court. Bailey said that it was an honor to be nominated. “ It is something as a little girl that [I] always [wanted] to do,” said Bailey. She is fulfilling one of her childhood dreams. Bailey also said that it would be rewarding to win queen.

Lauren Williams is going to escorted by Parker Simpson. She is also a third generation court member. Even if it was a surprise to Williams it was an honor to even be on the court and and more of an honor to win.

Another member of the court is Kelsey Shoemaker, escorted by Hayden Wiggins. “ [It’s] pretty exhilarating [to be nominated],” said Shoemaker. She is a second generation nominee. She has always wanted to be on the court, never thought she would. It was a surprise to her.

James Brannon is going to be the escort to Kayla Heineken. She is a first generation nominee. “I was very surprised [to be nominated],” said Heineken. She says that being on the court id stressful because there is so much you have to do. Heineken said that she really never thought about being on the court but it feels great for her to be on it.

The final nominee is Brianna Bowman, escorted by Ryan Vichich. Bowman said that it was unexpected to be nominated. She is the only person in her family that has been nominated. “ It never crossed my mind [to be on the court],” said Bowman. It would mean a great deal for Bowman to win.

Each of the girls are excited for the crowning of the homecoming queen. The court and the rest of the school will find out the results at the game. No matter what the outcome is, they are all honored and want to thank everybody for their nomination.