Underwater School

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“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” ~Jessica Fain’s and Bruce Cantrell’s motto


The thought of school to most students is either daunting or exciting, but the idea of going to school underwater catches everyone’s attention. That is exactly what former LCHS graduate Jessica Fain, now an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Roane State Community College, is doing. she will be living underwater for 73 days with Bruce Cantrell, an Associate Professor also at Roane State. They will be stationed in Key Largo, Florida, in a 24-28 feet deep lagoon. The habitat that they will be working out of is shaped like a barge and is moveable. The living tubes, that house the two bedrooms and the common area, 18 feet wide 29 feet long and 5 1/2 feet high. There is also an actual working lab that has a clear acrylic sphere underneath that allows people to look out into the sea. There are three main things that Jessica and Bruce are doing while they are under the sea. One exciting event is that they will have a live broadcast from the habitat on Thursdays at 1:00 P.M. They will be interviewing astronauts, artists, and other interesting individuals. Another thing that is going to happen in the habitat is an online class, designed for middle and high school students, that is being taught by Bruce Cantrell. The class will be teaching students the history behind underwater habitation. Also, Jessica and Bruce will be hosting students down in the habitat. Students will come down, learn, and hangout with them for a day.


“You have to study, you have to train, and you have to work with the anticipation that something might happen for you in the future.” ~ Bruce Cantrell