A Night in Masks: River Oaks’ Masquerade

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Students dance with the River Oaks residents

Wendy Miller

Students dance with the River Oak’s residents

On Saturday September 13, 2014, River Oaks, an assisted living facility in Lenoir City, held a masquerade ball for their residents. The theme for the ball was Phantom of the Opera. The ballroom was decorated beautifully in black and red. All of the residents and some of their family members wore masks and some even dressed up for the occasion.

The night was full of dancing, laughter, and heart warming moments.

“It was a great fun filled night,” commented Carolina Gonzalez (12).

A group of Clinical Interns from LCHS volunteered for the night to dance with the residents. “It was the most amazing experience. I never thought that it would be so  much fun and we could have so much influence!” explained Michelle Matteson (12).

The night started off with the residents and volunteers doing the Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance together. One of the residents was quite the “ladies man”, and danced most of the night with Sydney Bailey (12) and Summer Simmons (12).

As the night progressed, the Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, and Thriller were played and danced to by some of the residents and volunteers. Matt Scott (12), one of the volunteers, danced with a resident most of the night. She taught him how to Polka and lead him during the dance.

Robbie Fuller (12) danced the night away with some of the residents. “An unforgettable night that I will never forget and that had changed my life and gave me a new perspective on life” Robbie explained.

River Oaks also had dancers come and dance for the residents to a song from the Phantom of the Opera. Toward the end of the night, a king and queen of the ball were crowned. The two residents then had a dance to dance together. “The masquerade ball was an amazing experience, “It was such a blessing to have a night with the residents at River Oaks!”commented Sydney Bailey.