Nearby Crumbl Cookie Coming Soon!


Crumbl Cookies, also known as one of America’s best and most evolving cookie businesses, has decided, after having a successful location in north Knoxville, that they would also have luck in Turkey Creek. Kirsten Littleton (12) expresses her excitement about this Crumbl Cookies coming soon nearby. 

I was so excited about not having to drive so far to get them anymore,” said Littleton.

Not only will this location thrive, but it will also draw many people towards our nearby area.

“[I think it will be] super busy because everyone here loves them already and drives super far just to get a few,” Littleton said.

Anyone who has been a short-term or long-term fan of this cookie industry will surely stop by to visit this new location. Whether it’s the first visit or the 50th visit to a Crumbl Cookies, who wouldn’t want to see what it’s like?

“I will definitely stop by,” said Littleton. 

Although there is no opening date, the location: 11055 Parkside Drive, Turkey Creek, has its big “Crumbl Cookies Coming Soon” sign on its windows, and the anticipation of it all is what keeps its fans coming.