Roaring with Pride!


Ciara Davis is rewarded as this year’s most spirited student for spirit week.

Rebecca Herrera, Staff Writer

From all the enthusiasm of Battle of the Bridge, LCHS students pride themselves in being persistent in Spirit Week. With the exciting days like Anything but a Backpack vs Anything but a Hat, or Tourists vs Togas, all students unite to showcase their school spirit, one of these cheerful students being Ciara Davis (10), who was rewarded as having the most school spirit.

“I felt like this year’s spirit week was very creative and fun,” Davis said.

Spirit week has gained many students to be more included into joining school activities. With the variety of different themes each day, students try harder day after day to win for their grade. Many students even grow a liking to some days more than the others. 

“I’m going to have to say cowboy day was my favorite because I had a cowboy hat I never got to wear before, and it was fun,” Davis said. 

Alongside the competitive week, the final scores were tallied to having the Senior class of 2023 win this year’s spirit contest. Being the most spirited class, numerous seniors were ecstatic to be able to have won the spirit sword, Gabriella Corona-Nonthe (12) being one of them. 

“Being seniors it was very exciting to have our grade win spirit week. It’s our last year of high school and it’s great to see everyone come together to win,” Corona said. 

Considering the great succes of the teachers and staff who put this all together, spirit week has led many other students to wonder what’s next for the school year’s future spirit contests.

“Dressing up as something that starts with the first letter of our name could be something fun for upcoming spirit weeks,” Corona said.

Having an overall exciting and boisterous spirit week, we’re thankful to all those who participated in this year’s contest. So, congratulations to all seniors in class of 2023, and good luck to all classes in hopes to win upcoming spirit weeks!