LCHS Field Day 2022


This year, in addition to the standard yearbook distribution day activities (year end video, yearbook signing, etc) students were also able to participate in a school-wide field day.

Following a school play and yearbook distribution/signing, students were provided with a list of various activities to engage in over the course of the day. These activities were located in various classrooms and spaces throughout the school, and included karaoke in the auditorium, computer games in the engineering room, board games in the library, and even a slip n’ slide near the football field.

In addition to these activities, several food trucks also participated in the event. Students were able to purchase shaved ice, tacos, burgers, coffee, and even fried snickers bars. Field day allowed students to walk all over campus, signing each other’s yearbooks and bouncing from activity to activity.

The day was well received, and students were happy to share their field day experiences. According to Diego Gonzalez, (11) “Most of the time I spent standing in food truck lines, but it was alright because I just talked to a bunch of my friends and after I got my food the food was really good. There were a lot of activities I could do. It was just a fun time overall. I saw most of my friends bleach shirts, I got a little bit of bleach on my shoes but it’s fine.”

Overall, field day was a great opportunity for students to enjoy the company of friends, various activities, and have the chance to savor an exciting pause in the everyday scholastic grind. Hopefully we can continue this tradition for years to come.