The Clock is Ticking, are you lacking?

As this year comes to an end many students at LCHS find themselves starting to give up or slowly lacking.


 This is especially true for seniors, not only are they about to finish the school year  but their whole High School years!


Many seniors are finishing their classes early therefore, they are able to have early dismissal or late arrival for those classes that they are in.


Seniors also have the privilege of graduating early if they are passing all their classes which has pros and cons.


For example, a pro, being seniors, stays on task and does their work because who wouldn’t want to graduate early?


A con however, is that since most seniors finish all their work early to graduate earlier they don’t realize that they’re not taking advantage of some of their last days as High Schoolars. 


Senior Jennifer Hernandez Gonzalez describes how she feels now that the year is ending and what she is doing to make sure she won’t fall behind.


“This year’s ending makes me sad because I am going to miss being a Lenoir City Panther but I am excited for the new things that are coming. I have noticed that I have started to miss it because I do want to leave here soon but I remember I have to stay on track to graduate. Hernandez-Gonzalez said.


With senior’s last day being in less than a week and underclassman’s last day being May 11th if passing, summer is very close and trying to stay focused and on track is one of the biggest problems we are all facing .


All we have to do now is wait for these last days to pass rapidly until we can officially say we finished this school year! The clock is ticking.