HY5 club


A club of friends coming together for laughs and admiration for cars. The HY5 group consists of around 20 people that started from a small group of friends. Jimmy Nguyen the creator of HY5 gives background to how the group started

“The club got started when I and one of my best friends were playing Xbox both had these ‘Clan tags’ in Call of duty. Mine was a song “HYFR” and he was his car code; “DC5”. We thought it’d be cool to mash it together and that’s how HY5 was born. I started HY5 because it all started as a friend group and I believe it’ll always be a big friend group rather than a group to be invited into” said Nguyen

The HY5 club is mainly focused on cars and upgrading parts, but the club is way more than that. The group consists of friends, and the idea of a car club wasn’t in the cards for a while. Because of this, the group has an automatic sense of communion.

Club member Dylan Sheppard says; “I enjoy and I’m sure all members enjoy how close everyone is and how we are all connected through cars. The club does many things, we host car meets. We go to huge car shows in and out of state, and we mainly just try to make the most out of our cars and experiences together.”

The group has been a great hit, with members proud to be a part of the HY5.

“The club means a good group of friends hanging out and having the same interest as well. This club means a lot to me and I am grateful for the people and connections I have made through the club. It is simply a friend group and is actually the Japanese lettering in my logo. HY5 means friendship and will always mean friendship in my eyes.” said Nguyen

“A small group of friends that just can’t get enough cars and buffalo wild wings in our lives,” says Dylan Sheppard.

The HY5 club is a family, as they upgrade their cars their family grows.