New Lunchroom Look in LCHS


The long lasting work and construction next to the lunchroom has finally paid off! As the commons become less cramped and the lunchroom gets a style, it makes the whole school feel different.

“I like the look of the lunchroom, it looks really nice,” said sophomore, Lauren Greene.

Instead of the large round tables with scattered chairs taking up all of the space, uniquely styled booths, high top tables, and sturdy chairs are there instead. Many students, although not yet used to the new surroundings, enjoy how open the room(s) of the cafeteria are.

“With it being super open, it’s much easier to get to my seat and I’m not really bumping chairs with anyone anymore,” said Meaghan Mulligan(10).

Along with the new seating and tables, hard plastic trays have replaced the styrofoam ones used prior.

“It’s been weird to get used to hard trays that you don’t throw away, but now I can cut my food without the tray making a mess,” said sophomore, Lily Brannan.

Overall, the improved cafeteria makes the building seem much more modern, and much less crowded than before