Hey, there fellow people that are reading this at the moment I just wanted to say I have had one heck of a ride throughout this journey. I’ve had my ups and downs throughout high school and will for sure miss it not for the studies but for the friends. 


I’ve made and teachers that I like him will not say any names but they know who they are. I’ve learned so much throughout the fours years I have been here I know that I will take some lessons I’ve learned to the outside world to help me.


 I really am grateful for all of it. All the help my teachers throughout my journey have helped me and helped me get to where I am right now. I will not say that I am ready for this experience but I sure do know some things that could help me out in the future LC Panthers will be missed and never forgotten.


For all the students that plan to give up the plan to leave doesn’t I know it’s a struggle but you got to do it for yourself have something someone can be proud of something you can be proud of something you did no one else. Also, do your homework that helps a lot with passing and not be late or behind.


Well, this is my farewell and I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you soon GO PANTHERS!