Bathroom and Cafeteria Renovations Complete


As of April 19th, 2022, the long-awaited commons area bathroom renovations are complete, which finishes the larger overall renovation project, which included an updated cafeteria. The new cafeteria aims for a cafe-casual dining setting, with booths, tables, hanging lights, and banquette seating (long bench-like seats positioned against the wall).

In addition, the cafeteria has been expanded to include an additional room, which features large windows (allowing for an abundance of natural light). Overall, these changes make for a comfortable, casual dining experience that allows one to forget their scholastic struggles while they enjoy both food and friends.

According to student Cullen Hirzel (10), “I think the new cafeteria is a big improvement from last year, and the booths are pretty nice. They’ve opened the space a lot, you have more room to spread around, and the new seating is a big improvement from the beginning of the year. More room, comfortable booths, and nicer seating. That’s basically it.”

Along with the new cafeteria, the new bathrooms were also well received. The new bathrooms feature four stalls (complete with locking doors!), two sinks, two paper towel dispensers, and a mirror. The boys’ bathroom also features four urinals. According to student Hayden Johnson (11) “I think [the new bathrooms] look pretty nice, especially the stalls themselves. They are pretty comfortable too, not gonna lie, like, for real the lighting and stuff like the palette I like. It’s just comfortable in there. They are pretty good.”

In conclusion, these renovations make for an improved, updated cafe and commons area that provides for a more comfortable, accommodating school environment.