“As It Was” The New Single by Harry Styles


Ellie Orr, Staff Writer

Following the announcement of his newest album release date, singer songwriter Harry Styles gave us a sneak peak with his newest single, “As It Was”.

Sophomore, Ruthie Davis, shares with us her thoughts on the single. 

“When I found out he was releasing a new song I was in shock but also kinda worried because the release date was on April 1 so I was like ok… do not be an april fools joke. I was counting down the days till it was released,” Davis said.  

Davis expresses how this single has made her even more excited for Styles’s new album, being able to relate with the excitement from the release of his first two albums. 

“It kinda made me remember the first two albums of his and like anticipation of the songs being released. So it kinda got me back in that mindset,” Davis said. 

She also tells us how amazing this song is, and brings light upon the fact that the song is his style. 

“Everything about the song is amazing. It sounds like him, the lyrics, the beat, just everything was Harry. I LOVE IT,” Davis said.  

Davis shares with us what her predictions are for the rest of the album, 

“I feel that the album is going to have some twists people don’t expect but I feel like the meaning behind the song is going to spreaded through the album. It has a very retro, pop feel in the song and I feel that it was like some songs might sound like on the album,” Davis said. 

Harry Styles’s new album will be released on May 20, 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the singer/songwriter, and get ready to hear this amazing new album!