Alive and Kickin’


Vanesa Castro, Staff Writer

It’s that time again, the boys soccer team to get back on the field. With the climates getting up to 80 degrees, the boys are more than excited to spend these hot days playing their favorite sport with their friends.Players Danillo Toskovic, Kofi Mendes, and Asil Patel all enjoy playing for the school and being able to share these moments together.

Not only is soccer a very fun sport, but to Patel it has been a big part of his life and his journey of becoming the soccer player he now is.

“Soccer has different meanings to me, I’ve loved playing since I was a little kid, it means to me to have a good time and having fun with my friends and making new memories throughout the years” Patel said.

Since Mendes is one of the exchange students on the team, Mendes likes knowing he is part of the school by being on the team.

“It’s just nice to be part of the school soccer team and being part of the school, it’s a nice American experience” Mendes said.

Exchange student Danillo toskovic loves playing for the school while he is here and enjoys being part of the school spirit.

“Soccer for me means being part of the team and having fun, while being part of the school spirit” Toskovic said.

Come support your panthers out on the field as they play with passion and their hearts.