The Remification of Disney


With spring break season in full swing, Walt Disney World–an amusement park visited by millions every year–is faced with an influx of families, schools, churches, and even bridal parties. Given the near 77,000 employees the park has, they are more than equipped to handle such a spike in guests. Said employees, dubbed as cast members, are tasked with providing guest the most comfortable, magical experience possible.

Student members of the Lenoir City High School Band made up approximately 35 of the aforementioned guests, visiting three of the four main parks: Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Director of the band, Mr. Adam Huff, prioritizes the instillment of leadership within his students, prompting the band to partake in a leadership course during their visit. 

During said course, the band was split into two groups, allowing the opportunity for closer bonds to be made with their peers. A select few of these individuals have given themselves the name “Team Remy”, after their fixation with Remy the rat–a character from the popular film, Ratatouille

Lauren Hanks, senior at LCHS, is one of said team members. Hanks feels that the group had a great time, with one of her favorite moments from the trip being accompanied by Team Remy. 

“My favorite part of the trip was the delicious dinner my group had in China.  After stumbling into the restaurant with tired legs and feet, we ate the best meal of our lives,” Hanks said. 

After days of the same foods from grab-and-go dining, Team Remy got the chance to sit down, relax, and dine at one of Epcot’s many restaurants. Hanks is not the only individual to feel this way about Remy’s last meal during their stay; in fact, two other members of the group felt the same: Megan Osborne (11) and Jordan Galyon (10). 

Fellow Team Remy member, Megan Osborne, feels that the band was brought closer together during their stay, given the trials they faced. While Disney World has been deemed the most magical place on Earth, park-goers are battling against the Floridian heat and fickle weather. 

“I think I got a lot closer to some of the band kids during the group. Spending 5 days with people while we are all exhausted really brings people together,” Osborne said. 

No matter the weather, exhaustion, and other not-so-magical factors the group faced, Team Remy proved their ability to connect with others. Being members of the band, their teamwork skills are strong in comparison to other members of the youth, a notion that proved to be true during their adventures at Disney. 

“I feel like I learned how to better organize myself and others in a group setting,” Galyon said. 

There was something to gain for every member of Team Remy, from organization skills to bonding with friends, and while the group may not agreed on everything, the group itself has become a symbol of friendship amongst its members. Alex Tuttle (10) is one of Team Remy’s members who values their experiences with the group. 

“I love this rat, and I would give my life for Team Remy,” Tuttle said. 

Spring break proved to be a magical time for the team, and although we may never have an experience quite like it again, one can be sure that more tales will come from Team Remy.