LC’s Got Talent


It has been two years since Lenoir City High School’s last talent show. With students missing out on several at the school due to the pandemic the previous school year, the return of the teacher talent show was highly anticipated by many. During all of those days, the teachers had plenty of time to practice and perfect their acts and impress the student body as they watched with excitement!

During this school year’s teacher talent show, a variety of teachers banded together to put on a performance of the many eras of Taylor Swift. The teachers had an array of colors included in their different costume changes and their props that they used for the presentation. This led to an uproar in the audience, considering a majority knew all the lyrics to each song! Mrs. Mullinax was one of the teachers who participated in this tribute to Taylor Swift.

“I really love that the teachers are able to show a different side of their personalities.  I was backstage watching and helping with the timing of the Taylor Swift show. When I started to hear the students singing along I knew they were going to enjoy this show,” Mrs. Mullinax said.

Junior Serena Nguyen was one of the lucky few students who got to join teachers in this performance.

“To be a part of the talent show was honestly stressful ,but fun. There were so many different aspects that students did not realize. For example, I was helping the teachers/different Taylor Swift’s change clothes and make sure their wardrobe worked. We also made last minute changes, but it all ended up being very fun and exciting,” Nguyen said.

Besides the fun pop performance, there were some other teachers who participated by singing, including Mr. Cross and Mr. Garrett. As it has been a tradition in the school for multiple years now, Mr. Smith and Dr. Johnston have put on their necessary juggling act for their audience.

“I love performing in front of a crowd, and I love juggling.  The talent show gives Mr. Smith and me a chance to have a goal with our juggling.  Some years we had new tricks or write new gags.  The deadline of the show gives us something tangible to work towards, and that creates a good creative stress,” Dr. Johnston said.

Students weren’t able to hide their excitement for the return of the teacher talent show this school year.

“I really enjoyed watching my teachers in a different environment than I usually see them in. My favorite performance was the Taylor Swift ballad, but Mr. Garrett’s was a close second!” Junior Emma Cubberley said.

With a little less obstacles now that things are slowly on their way to being back to normal, hopefully the tradition of the teacher talent shows will continue in the years to come!