Harry Styles New Album


The music industry is about to be blown away! Harry Styles is planning to release his third album on the 20th of May, and fans can’t wait to hear what the musician has come up with. Styles has already released two albums–HS 1 and Fine Line–while also starring in a handful of movies including Dunkirk (2017), Eternals (2021), and his most recent one–My Policeman (2022). One fan, sophomore Ruthie Davis, shares her excitement about the singer’s new coming album.  

“I’m excited to listen to it for the first time because the album drops May 20th so we will be out for summer. Being able to spend summer listening to his songs is going to be fun–also just enjoying the songs with my friends is what I’m looking forward to,” Davis said. 

Being a fan since his early days in One Direction, Davis has followed the singer throughout his career. From listening to the entirety of both HS1 and Fine Line, to going to one of his concerts, Davis has been a true fan since the beginning. 

I have been a fan since the beginning of One Direction and he has always been my favorite member so I’ve just always followed along with what he is doing. I love both his albums so much, I think they both have awesome songs on them. I actually went to the Love on Tour Atlanta night 1 show and it was amazing,” Davis said. 

Davis also shared with us her hopes for this new album. 

“I hope it will be a rock album of some sort. I think he has the perfect voice for a rock album and his aura gives off a rock feel. Also he has not yet done a rock album so it would be amazing to have different album genres from him,” Davis said. 

Although she is hoping to get a rock album, Davis said that she loves to see what he comes up with in general. 

“I love seeing what he comes up with, and I think he is so creative when it comes to music,” Davis said. 

Overall, Davis is excited to see Styles shine in his new era. 

“I can not wait to see another era of Harry,” Davis said.  

Like Davis, many fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for this new album. It is sure to be just as amazing as the last, and his fanbase is very excited to listen to what the singer/songwriter has created for them. As Harry would say, ‘let the anticipation begin’!