Spring Break


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the text spring break written in the sand of a beach

Jennifer Hernandez

Everyone at Lenoir City High School is ready for the sunny weather,beach and long summer nights. It seemed like it was still very far away though until we realized spring break was literally right around the corner!

Can you believe we’ve been in school for 27 weeks already!? Believe it or not that is the case.Spring break is already here! For some it has come very rapidly and for others not so much. 

This week has been a hustle for everyone trying to get their grade where they want it to be. Asking for extra credit and re-doing assignments for  better grades. 

Spring break also means the ending of the 3rd grading period as well for Lenoir City High School students. 

Some people believe it doesn’t feel like spring break while others really enjoy this “spring” like weather.

 These past weeks the weather has been all over the place. We had temperatures all the way up to the 70’s and we are even supposed to get snow!

Despite the temperatures many people have their spring break all planned out. Some people’s spring break looks more chill. Staying home with family and rest from the stress this past nine weeks have brought.

Others might take advantage of the time they have off to get those extra hours during work.

Others, like Mrs.Hanley, are taking a trip to Disney World with her family! She is definitely going to feel the difference in weather and just the overall vibe of Florida!

Carlee Stanifer is taking an out-of-country trip to the Dominican Republic! How fun! Now that is going to be even a bigger change in weather and especially how society works as a whole.

Although everyone’s spring break is looking different . One thing is for sure everyone is happy and excited for our spring break. Before we know it the next thing we are going to be looking forward for is Summer Break