Black History Month with a Twist!

Mrs. Johnson, culinary teacher at Lenoir City High School ended Black History Month with a research writing contest. 


The goal: to educate students at Lenoir City High what Black History month is really about and to inform students about the great heroes we honor in Black History Month.


Many students entered the contest and winners were announced the last Friday of February. Nine students were announced winners.


Mrs. Johnson not only made sure students were engaged in this project but she also made sure the prizes were great. $25.00 gift cards and a delicious lunch made by her and her class! 


“I think the contest is a great way for students to learn more about black Americans who have created an influence in our society. And I’m grateful for Mrs. Johnson for the opportunity and the her work in all of this.”  Anna Layer said when asked what she cherished the most about this experience. 


“I really cherished everything overall, just participating and understanding great historical figures in America really is intriguing.” Rebecca Herrera-Montes said. 


Students Trisha Henley and Serena Nguyen took it a step further and decided to draw a cartoon with quotes from different Black heroes and put them together.


 “Considering that Lenoir City isn’t really involved in the Black History Month contest the past couple years, Trisha and I thought that it would be different and more powerful to draw a cartoon that included strong quotes from important figures. The important figures that we drew were Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Federick Douglass.” Nguyen said.


Mrs.Johnson made a very memorable Black History Month for all students in Lenoir City Highschool, her excitement was contagious for everyone. We appreciate Mrs.Johnson.