Bring On The Spirit!


Naomi Huichapa

Flannel Thursdays: Isabella Rojas Diaz (11) wears her flannel for Spirit Week.

Spirit Week is here!

As Spring Homecoming arrives, all students prepare their outfits to get ready for school. From flannels, tie dye shirts, crazy hats, and orange t-shirts, all students show off their spirit for the school. Among these students, Isabella Rojas Diaz (11) and Mia Harrison (11) dress up for flannel day on Thursday to demonstrate their school spirit.

“It’s just a lot of fun and the students and faculty are able to come together on one thing and have a good time with it,” said Harrison.

Winning for the Class

Including Spirit Week in this school year has been a great success among our peers from multiple students participating and giving their best efforts to win for their class. Although, in the end the Class of 2023 gains the final victory for spirit week. Having participated the most in showing off their spirit, they celebrate their success with winning the LCHS sword.

“I love dressing up for spirit week because it shows that I care about my school and I’m very happy that we are winning,” said Rojas.

Upcoming Themes?

Spirit Week overall has gathered many students to have more inclusion into joining school activities. Having spirit week brings the competitiveness of each class into trying to win victory to showcase their grade. Some students even hope to have different outfit ideas for next year’s spirit week.

“I think it would be fun to do like everyone dress in one color or something like that,” said Harrison.

Congratulations Class of 2023!

In hopes for more exciting and competitive Spirit Weeks to come for upcoming years, we give thanks to all who participated. Also, congratulations to the Junior class of LCHS in winning for the Spirit Week this year!