Snowed In!

The school called and said “school closed due to snow!” Every student from LCHS is thrilled with the news. Not only does the snow day mean no school, it also comes with many exciting activities like spending time indoors with family and friends,getting caught up on school work, and just being able to have some alone time without having to worry about school. Students like Mercy Catota (9), Afton Cook (11), and Mallerly Cano (11) talk about their favorite activities to do on snow days.

Catota, enjoys spending her day off with her cousin and also doing activities indoors. She also mentions how she could do some of her favorite things while not having to worry about school work.

My favorite thing about snow days is when you get to spend the whole day inside drinking coffee while staying warm and I got to finish  watching the whole Harry Potter series and went on car rides with my cousin.” Catota said.

Cook however, enjoys having a restful day off and not having to go to school along with being able to spend her snow day with her loved ones.

“My favorite thing about having snow days is not going to school,being able to build a snowman and hanging out with my family.” Cook said.

Cano shares the same activities as Catota, but Cano likes going outside and enjoy the snow rather than staying indoors. She enjoys doing fun activities with her younger sisters.

“Something fun I did on the snow day was being able to play with my sisters in the snow and  being able to watch movies with my family.” Cano said.

Not only are snow days good for students to distract themselves from having to worry about any school work, but the day off also brings them closer to their loved ones with many fun activities to do. So, next time your parents get a phone call that school is closed due to weather prepare your boots,jackets,gloves and go enjoy the snow!